Prescription Sunglasses Online for Better Service

Prescription sunglasses online is the latest trend in shopping industry. Nowadays nobody prefers buying prescription sunglasses, but still the price of such commodities has never stopped growing. In most of the online stores only sell frames, in their perspective the lenses are cheaper and it is the appeal given by the frames which determine the price tag.

In several cases the instruction bifocals networked is considered as an immediate solution for eye sight related problems. Many ophthalmologists have found that the people with diabetics have a chance to get eyesight problems overnight. Which is applicable for both the one and two types of diabetics, the only variation in this question is the time they have. The only way to have a chance to prevent this is by protecting our eyes from the harmful elements and by taking preventive measures to control the sugar level in blood. Some people also experience black spots in their vision and in such situations the order blinkers wired become the most approachable solution. And this will support such patients to buy normal prescription glasses with magnetic clips to have a screen of sun glass. Due to its unavailability in the regular markets and custom shops force patients to opt for direction glasses on the internet.

The price tags of spectacles are making it less and less affordable for a common person. But finding a remedy goggles installed makes the whole process simple and at the same time by keeping it in our budget. The most dilemmas caused by a drug lorgnette accessible are that, its popularity is far less compared to that of an ordinary shop making the customer to think twice before buying a frame. The main is reason for this is the uncertainty in the mind of them about the quality and the actual price of the item. People are always afraid of being cheated by some online shops, which makes them cautious. Even though a vast number of frames can be found in internet the available options for the required values may be finite causing them to feel depressed for not being able to purchase a frame that makes feel great. Several invisible criteria’s should also come to a match to make a purchase from such sites like the availability of the product in that locality and so on.

Such instances make the client to feel frustrated and it take a lot of time to find a suitable frame which meets our expectations. The way in which these sites collect the required data is a major problem which comes with prescription glasses online.

In prescription glasses online shopping sites the information about the specification of the glasses are asked at the end of the purchase, which makes it difficult for the customers to start the whole procedure from the scratch. This also depicts the fact that the frames are given more importance than the glasses prescribed for the patient. Over the years the approach of these sites has also changed according to the interests of the people.…

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Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

Factors such as technological evolution or changes in consumer habits on the Internet force companies and digital marketing agencies to evolve. Adapting their strategies to new formats in line with the interests and behavior of users.

If a few days ago we talked about the main trends of e-commerce for this 2018, today we address the main trends in digital marketing that, as far as possible, we should begin to contemplate in our strategy:

Visual web- Having a visually attractive website is nothing new. However, it is a trend that is remodeling with the passage of time. Videos continue to gain ground as the preferred content marketing format. Due to its dynamism and ability to attract the user’s attention.

Voice searches – Voice recognition systems are getting better and better. This produces that the semantics and the context used by the users are better identified. Taken to the field of SEO, these improvements make the long-tail known to benefit. That is the use of more specific keywords adapted to a spoken language. We can see this in the increasingly frequent use of virtual assistants such as Google voice, Siri or Cortana. These virtual assistants are present on most mobile devices and computers. What makes it easier for users to perform their searches in a more convenient and faster way.

Mobile first The mobile has been consolidated as a device preferred by the user. But it is no longer enough for a website to be responsive. This 2018, if you have not already done so, you must place the mobile in the center of the strategy. Make the smartphone the point of reference to launch any marketing campaign.

Artificial intelligence applied to Digital Marketing

In the field of digital marketing, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more frequent. The boom of chatbots is an example. More and more humanized, offering a more human and personalized customer service thanks to Machine Learning. The significant advantage of artificial intelligence is that they allow the user to interact during non-office hours. An instance of this is the use of bots on Facebook, in which responses are generated automatically based on what the customer asks. In this way, the presence of the brand is increased.

Not only Google. Optimize your content for other search engines

Google is the preferred and most used search engine in Spain, so most online positioning strategies are based on “like Google.” But we should not overlook that other search engines begin to gain ground.

Influencers Marketing

Without a doubt, this is the sector that is changing the ways of communicating and marketing campaigns. The well-known influencers continue to gain presence as brand prescribers. This means that the methods of delivering the message that the brands want to transmit are not too intrusive for the followers of these. Therefore, communication in social networks begins to change. They try to convey a brand message with a consistent history and a background context. This makes the followers feel identified with the intentionality of the word, thus becoming more natural and generating confidence.

Content curation We currently “suffer” a saturation of information. This forces us to carry out a filtering process to “cure the contents.” In this way, we avoid disinformation due to excess content. This implies that the company must have staff who are up to date and know what is being talked about. That is capable of generating content in line with the interests of the moment and the brand itself.

Audio online This trend is increasingly on the rise. The appearance of devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home is causing search methods to change. It is a factor to take into account when launching our marketing plan. For example, we can promote a particular brand through ads on Spotify. Without forgetting that the popularity of podcasts is increasing more and more.

Visibility at the point of sale The importance of local SEO continues very much in force. This makes our brand is found by potential customers in our same geographical area. Some of the tools that can be used to implement this practice are My business.  Currently, more and more brands are using geolocation to know where their target audience is. Therefore, it is becoming frequent the use of notifications through apps when entering a shopping center. In this way, they try to give visibility to the brand itself.

Overcome the limits of our online store The rise of the marketplaces forces us to go thinking of looking for other digital sites in which to sell our products in parallel. Markets such as Amazon or Promofarma, with increasing weight, are just some examples. We must consider using markets so that our brand is as visible as possible. This does not reduce our sales possibilities to a single website.

Therefore, if you want to launch a digital Marketing plan for your business, it is essential to explore these new trends. To adapt to the technological evolution and consumption habits of potential customers. In this way we get the brand does not fall into oblivion and get more presence in the network.…

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Legal Marketing: Digital Transformation Of The Legal Sector

The legal sector has been revolutionized by the boom that digital marketing has experienced in recent years. So new channels to publicize legal services have been incorporated into the communication strategy of law firms and law firms.

We have also observed the development of new firms increasingly specialized and media, which stand above the competition, thus reaching the concept of legal marketing. Increase in the demand for legal services on the Internet

The number of lawyers in Spain has increased by 31% in the last ten years, while matters entered in the courts have decreased by 39%. Thus producing an imbalance between supply and demand in the legal sector.

Draws attention-according to data obtained in Google Trends – the significant increase in Internet searches of the word “lawyer” in Spain from January 2004 to October 2017, surpassing 200% growth. So we can conclude that, unable to speak, according to previous data, of an increase in the demand for legal services, there is an increase in the market for legal services on the Internet. That is how it is so necessary to give visibility to law firms on the Internet.

The increase in Internet intermediation in the day to day of the users means that the Network is used to consult any information. And is that more than 80% of Spanish households have broadband connection and recognizes the use of the Internet to search for information, according to the survey conducted by INE and the use of ICT in homes.

Legal marketing as a specialty

If we check back, we can see how the use has evolved and also the role of the user/client on the Internet. Now he takes power and decides how he wants to “see” and relate to the brand. When making a decision, is influenced by digitalization, online reputation or recommendations on social networks. This means that the legal sector must be present and manage to create an excellent digital corporate image, which transmits security and reliability for users to show interest and, subsequently, hire the service.

The legal sector, due to this phenomenon, has been adapting to ICT, using the resources it offers. 97% of lawyers believe that new technologies are essential for the practice of law, according to the survey conducted through the VI Barometer Internal Law.

The law firms are mainly focused on creating websites, although there are already many law firms that dare to advertise on the Internet and develop digital marketing plans. These trends have led to an increase in the CPC (cost per click), even exceeding five euros for each click on specific keywords related to legal marketing.

Other Marketing resources for law firms

What to do when faced with this phenomenon of strong digital competition? Undoubtedly, seek to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Use different channels and marketing resources that allow us to perform innovative actions. There are very few law firms that, for example, have dared to show us the insides of their office with a virtual tour on Google. Incorporate this type of resources, most commonly used by restaurants, hotels, etc. It can be a small step to differentiate yourself from competitors. And like this, there are many other possibilities! As in all sectors, in Marketing for lawyers, we must begin by knowing where we are going to find the right path.

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New Trends In E-Commerce In 2018

Online stores are revolutionizing the traditional buying method. They do not stop growing and generate income, as we could see in the previous post about reasons to launch an e-commerce.

In 2018, experts predict that growth will continue and e-commerce transactions will continue to grow. The new trends also speak of an improvement in the user experience. But let’s see some keys that e-commerce holds for 2018:

  1. The M-e-commerce is consolidated in 2018

M-commerce is a new term that refers to electronic commerce on mobile devices. Although not as developed as e-commerce experts predict a significant advance in this field And no wonder! M-commerce is one of the most successful trends in this sector. And is that more and more companies that decide to open their online stores in this support.

For this year 2018, it is estimated that 50% of the benefits of electronic commerce come directly from smartphones. Billing a total of 626,000 million dollars only in the mobile sector, what happens to be the total raised a 2013 in e-commerce.

  1. Web usability and user experience improvement

If this year you have decided to launch the e-commerce world once and for all, do not lose sight of the concept of ‘web usability,’ because managing your rules will make you achieve the persecuted good user experience.

And it is expected that new trends in e-commerce generate changes in the usability of online stores to offer a better user experience to the customer. Distractions will be eliminated and a design focused on the content will be made, where videos and moving images will be a plus. This will have a positive impact and will attract the user’s attention.

Until now, immediacy has prevailed in design strategies. In 2018 the time of the users will be taken into account. Therefore, a design will be made to facilitate navigation, even more, providing relevant information and specific functions. All this to try to reduce the number of links that the user needs to achieve their goal.

  1. The customer service of the online store is humanized

Following the line of improving the user experience, in 2018 one of the strong points that are expected to develop is the most humane treatment in online interactions, thanks to the introduction of chatbots. This technology can be improved due to the use of  Machine Learning that allows the e-commerce to have some patterns to anticipate the demands of consumers. One of the advantages that chatbots provide us is customer service outside office hours. A significant fact if we take into account that 60% of purchases made through the web are made at night or during the weekend. Interestingly, the virtualization of customer service will allow us to achieve the humanization of it.

Also, during this year it is also expected to consolidate new channels of interaction with users, such as voice interaction devices in the home – for example, Amazon Echo or Google Home. This development of the  Internet of things is due, in part, to the fact that the way in which users seek information is changing. It is increasingly common to use virtual assistants to perform voice searches such as Google voice, Siri on Apple, Alexa or Cortana. And the trend extends to other elements of the home, such as appliances.

Although these assistants already existed, it has gone from a robotic search to a more fluid and intuitive conversation with a more humanized structure, and it is expected that in 2018 this trend will continue to grow.

  1. New forms of payment in electronic commerce

Due to the development of e-commerce and the improvement of the user’s experience, it has been innovating in payment methods through these devices. Making the purchase of products more accessible, more agile and intuitive. In 2018 the experts expect much more innovative developments when it comes to paying for our products.

Apple has already kicked off with its new payment method through Face ID integrated in the new iPhone X. This means that now Apple users can make their payments through a gesture with their faces. Therefore, many of the specialists in e-commerce expect Android to join this innovative system or instead develop a method that can cope with this innovative payment method.

These new forms of payment are born with the idea of making more accessible the purchase of users, but in turn, reopen the debate on the security and reliability of secure payments through electronic commerce. So it will be a year where these new technologies will be tested and thoroughly examined.

So if you have an SME or you are thinking about an Internet business, we hope that this information will help you to solve some keys about the current trend. Also, we remind you of the possibilities offered by platforms such as Prestashop to develop your e-commerce. We recommend you read our article where we talk about the advantages of creating an online store with Prestashop since it is easy to use and offers a 100% responsive design to ensure optimal viewing from any device.…

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Legal Marketing: How To Make My Office More Visible On The Internet?

Have a website for your law firm and active blog

The basis of a Legal Marketing strategy is the website. It is essential that the site of a law firm show a professional image and be well structured. This should be the case for two reasons. First of all, keep in mind that a web page always talks about ourselves. In this case, the website will function as a showcase for the brand image of the firm. The first impression must be good to attract the customer’s attention. Also, a well-organized website always improves the user experience by enabling the user to find all the information he needs in the least number of clicks. This improves customer satisfaction and reinforces the excellent image about you.

Equally important that the design of the web is to have an active blog with relevant content. Having a corporate blog will help us develop a good marketing strategy for our law firm. It is worth mentioning here one of the main errors when starting a blog in a law firm: only make publications about favorable judgments or talk about professional successes. This, together with the low frequency of publication, makes the blog not useful in its mission. Like this, we run the risk of falling into self-sacrifice. Talking about our successes is a good practice. However, we should never lose vision of the utility function for the user that should cover the blog.

In the blog should be discussed, therefore, on legal issues preferably in an informative tone. It is very common to publish posts or infographics that provide interesting data on various topics. Even illustrative videos that solve doubts and help the client. This type of actions make the client have a more professional vision of our office, which reinforces the brand image.

Search engine positioning or SEO

One of the main channels that we must take into account when developing a legal marketing strategy is search engine positioning or SEO positioning. We’ve talked before about organic positioning and even offered some basic SEO tips.

It is worth remembering that content marketing is essential in SEO today. Generating and optimizing content with SEO criteria is necessary. In this way, the content appears in the top positions of the search engines. And is that today the trend of users with legal advice needs is to use Google as the primary source of information regarding your requirement.

For this reason, the selection of content for our website or blog will not be arbitrary. You must respond to a careful analysis of previous keywords by following the content plan established in advance.

Use of social networks for lawyers

Undoubtedly, the power that social media has today to make brands visible. That a law firm is present in social networks is essential to strengthen its online presence. Although you should select with rigor in what social network are intended to perform marketing actions. Not all are suitable for a legal professional.

The use of social networks will focus primarily on making quality content to accompany the content marketing strategy carried on the blog. Or even act as a speaker to spread the contents of the blog itself. In this way, the material can reach a much wider audience. This improves the possibility of finding a potential client who wants to hire the services offered by the firm. It is worth mentioning that they can also be given other uses, such as sharing news related to our legal practices.

In principle, two social networks should be used to reach all audiences: LinkedIn and Facebook. Both with a different target audience. LinkedIn is an excellent option to get your content to a more professional sector that requires legal advice. So it is a more specific channel directed to companies. On the contrary, Facebook can be an alternative to reach a more generalized public. Perfect for offices specialized in everyday matters.

Digital Advertising vs. Traditional media in Legal Marketing

In the legal field, there is reluctance to advertise on the Net. It may seem that the firm does not have enough clients. But this is very far from reality. Advertising a law firm can help give visibility to the firm. Above all, if the advertising campaigns are coherent with a content marketing strategy.

Generally, the digital advertising that is created within the legal marketing plan is based on pay per click, known as SEM, and that is to publish ads in Google AdWords.

Other online advertising options are those offered by the social networks themselves ( Social Ads ) Social networks have a large amount of information about users. Advertisers can use this to know and analyze where potential customers are. Typically, ads on social networks are segmented based on socioeconomic, demographic or professional information. What allows to create a particular advertisement for a specific profile. If we know our ideal client, this type of advertising can be useful.

That said, we should not fall into the error of overlooking the still existing ‘digital divide.’ And is that yet many people are not in constant interaction with the digital world. Advertising in traditional media can help us reach these types of customers. Therefore, combining digital advertising and traditional advertising can be an excellent incentive to achieve the maximum number of potential clients for the law firm.

In the legal sector, the decision to hire a lawyer is highly related to the credibility and reputation of the lawyer. And launching a marketing plan can vary significantly support their recognition and visibility in the digital sphere, increasing their reliability and therefore their reputation. Also, in the next post, we tell you how to include Inbound Marketing to your legal marketing strategy.…

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