New Trends In E-Commerce In 2018

Online stores are revolutionizing the traditional buying method. They do not stop growing and generate income, as we could see in the previous post about reasons to launch an e-commerce.

In 2018, experts predict that growth will continue and e-commerce transactions will continue to grow. The new trends also speak of an improvement in the user experience. But let’s see some keys that e-commerce holds for 2018:

  1. The M-e-commerce is consolidated in 2018

M-commerce is a new term that refers to electronic commerce on mobile devices. Although not as developed as e-commerce experts predict a significant advance in this field And no wonder! M-commerce is one of the most successful trends in this sector. And is that more and more companies that decide to open their online stores in this support.

For this year 2018, it is estimated that 50% of the benefits of electronic commerce come directly from smartphones. Billing a total of 626,000 million dollars only in the mobile sector, what happens to be the total raised a 2013 in e-commerce.

  1. Web usability and user experience improvement

If this year you have decided to launch the e-commerce world once and for all, do not lose sight of the concept of ‘web usability,’ because managing your rules will make you achieve the persecuted good user experience.

And it is expected that new trends in e-commerce generate changes in the usability of online stores to offer a better user experience to the customer. Distractions will be eliminated and a design focused on the content will be made, where videos and moving images will be a plus. This will have a positive impact and will attract the user’s attention.

Until now, immediacy has prevailed in design strategies. In 2018 the time of the users will be taken into account. Therefore, a design will be made to facilitate navigation, even more, providing relevant information and specific functions. All this to try to reduce the number of links that the user needs to achieve their goal.

  1. The customer service of the online store is humanized

Following the line of improving the user experience, in 2018 one of the strong points that are expected to develop is the most humane treatment in online interactions, thanks to the introduction of chatbots. This technology can be improved due to the use of  Machine Learning that allows the e-commerce to have some patterns to anticipate the demands of consumers. One of the advantages that chatbots provide us is customer service outside office hours. A significant fact if we take into account that 60% of purchases made through the web are made at night or during the weekend. Interestingly, the virtualization of customer service will allow us to achieve the humanization of it.

Also, during this year it is also expected to consolidate new channels of interaction with users, such as voice interaction devices in the home – for example, Amazon Echo or Google Home. This development of the  Internet of things is due, in part, to the fact that the way in which users seek information is changing. It is increasingly common to use virtual assistants to perform voice searches such as Google voice, Siri on Apple, Alexa or Cortana. And the trend extends to other elements of the home, such as appliances.

Although these assistants already existed, it has gone from a robotic search to a more fluid and intuitive conversation with a more humanized structure, and it is expected that in 2018 this trend will continue to grow.

  1. New forms of payment in electronic commerce

Due to the development of e-commerce and the improvement of the user’s experience, it has been innovating in payment methods through these devices. Making the purchase of products more accessible, more agile and intuitive. In 2018 the experts expect much more innovative developments when it comes to paying for our products.

Apple has already kicked off with its new payment method through Face ID integrated in the new iPhone X. This means that now Apple users can make their payments through a gesture with their faces. Therefore, many of the specialists in e-commerce expect Android to join this innovative system or instead develop a method that can cope with this innovative payment method.

These new forms of payment are born with the idea of making more accessible the purchase of users, but in turn, reopen the debate on the security and reliability of secure payments through electronic commerce. So it will be a year where these new technologies will be tested and thoroughly examined.

So if you have an SME or you are thinking about an Internet business, we hope that this information will help you to solve some keys about the current trend. Also, we remind you of the possibilities offered by platforms such as Prestashop to develop your e-commerce. We recommend you read our article where we talk about the advantages of creating an online store with Prestashop since it is easy to use and offers a 100% responsive design to ensure optimal viewing from any device.…

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