Factors such as technological evolution or changes in consumer habits on the Internet force companies and digital marketing agencies to evolve. Adapting their strategies to new formats in line with the interests and behavior of users.

If a few days ago we talked about the main trends of e-commerce for this 2018, today we address the main trends in digital marketing that, as far as possible, we should begin to contemplate in our strategy:

Visual web- Having a visually attractive website is nothing new. However, it is a trend that is remodeling with the passage of time. Videos continue to gain ground as the preferred content marketing format. Due to its dynamism and ability to attract the user’s attention.

Voice searches – Voice recognition systems are getting better and better. This produces that the semantics and the context used by the users are better identified. Taken to the field of SEO, these improvements make the long-tail known to benefit. That is the use of more specific keywords adapted to a spoken language. We can see this in the increasingly frequent use of virtual assistants such as Google voice, Siri or Cortana. These virtual assistants are present on most mobile devices and computers. What makes it easier for users to perform their searches in a more convenient and faster way.

Mobile first The mobile has been consolidated as a device preferred by the user. But it is no longer enough for a website to be responsive. This 2018, if you have not already done so, you must place the mobile in the center of the strategy. Make the smartphone the point of reference to launch any marketing campaign.

Artificial intelligence applied to Digital Marketing

In the field of digital marketing, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more frequent. The boom of chatbots is an example. More and more humanized, offering a more human and personalized customer service thanks to Machine Learning. The significant advantage of artificial intelligence is that they allow the user to interact during non-office hours. An instance of this is the use of bots on Facebook, in which responses are generated automatically based on what the customer asks. In this way, the presence of the brand is increased.

Not only Google. Optimize your content for other search engines

Google is the preferred and most used search engine in Spain, so most online positioning strategies are based on “like Google.” But we should not overlook that other search engines begin to gain ground.

Influencers Marketing

Without a doubt, this is the sector that is changing the ways of communicating and marketing campaigns. The well-known influencers continue to gain presence as brand prescribers. This means that the methods of delivering the message that the brands want to transmit are not too intrusive for the followers of these. Therefore, communication in social networks begins to change. They try to convey a brand message with a consistent history and a background context. This makes the followers feel identified with the intentionality of the word, thus becoming more natural and generating confidence.

Content curation We currently “suffer” a saturation of information. This forces us to carry out a filtering process to “cure the contents.” In this way, we avoid disinformation due to excess content. This implies that the company must have staff who are up to date and know what is being talked about. That is capable of generating content in line with the interests of the moment and the brand itself.

Audio online This trend is increasingly on the rise. The appearance of devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home is causing search methods to change. It is a factor to take into account when launching our marketing plan. For example, we can promote a particular brand through ads on Spotify. Without forgetting that the popularity of podcasts is increasing more and more.

Visibility at the point of sale The importance of local SEO continues very much in force. This makes our brand is found by potential customers in our same geographical area. Some of the tools that can be used to implement this practice are My business.  Currently, more and more brands are using geolocation to know where their target audience is. Therefore, it is becoming frequent the use of notifications through apps when entering a shopping center. In this way, they try to give visibility to the brand itself.

Overcome the limits of our online store The rise of the marketplaces forces us to go thinking of looking for other digital sites in which to sell our products in parallel. Markets such as Amazon or Promofarma, with increasing weight, are just some examples. We must consider using markets so that our brand is as visible as possible. This does not reduce our sales possibilities to a single website.

Therefore, if you want to launch a digital Marketing plan for your business, it is essential to explore these new trends. To adapt to the technological evolution and consumption habits of potential customers. In this way we get the brand does not fall into oblivion and get more presence in the network.

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