The legal sector has been revolutionized by the boom that digital marketing has experienced in recent years. So new channels to publicize legal services have been incorporated into the communication strategy of law firms and law firms.

We have also observed the development of new firms increasingly specialized and media, which stand above the competition, thus reaching the concept of legal marketing. Increase in the demand for legal services on the Internet

The number of lawyers in Spain has increased by 31% in the last ten years, while matters entered in the courts have decreased by 39%. Thus producing an imbalance between supply and demand in the legal sector.

Draws attention-according to data obtained in Google Trends – the significant increase in Internet searches of the word “lawyer” in Spain from January 2004 to October 2017, surpassing 200% growth. So we can conclude that, unable to speak, according to previous data, of an increase in the demand for legal services, there is an increase in the market for legal services on the Internet. That is how it is so necessary to give visibility to law firms on the Internet.

The increase in Internet intermediation in the day to day of the users means that the Network is used to consult any information. And is that more than 80% of Spanish households have broadband connection and recognizes the use of the Internet to search for information, according to the survey conducted by INE and the use of ICT in homes.

Legal marketing as a specialty

If we check back, we can see how the use has evolved and also the role of the user/client on the Internet. Now he takes power and decides how he wants to “see” and relate to the brand. When making a decision, is influenced by digitalization, online reputation or recommendations on social networks. This means that the legal sector must be present and manage to create an excellent digital corporate image, which transmits security and reliability for users to show interest and, subsequently, hire the service.

The legal sector, due to this phenomenon, has been adapting to ICT, using the resources it offers. 97% of lawyers believe that new technologies are essential for the practice of law, according to the survey conducted through the VI Barometer Internal Law.

The law firms are mainly focused on creating websites, although there are already many law firms that dare to advertise on the Internet and develop digital marketing plans. These trends have led to an increase in the CPC (cost per click), even exceeding five euros for each click on specific keywords related to legal marketing.

Other Marketing resources for law firms

What to do when faced with this phenomenon of strong digital competition? Undoubtedly, seek to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Use different channels and marketing resources that allow us to perform innovative actions. There are very few law firms that, for example, have dared to show us the insides of their office with a virtual tour on Google. Incorporate this type of resources, most commonly used by restaurants, hotels, etc. It can be a small step to differentiate yourself from competitors. And like this, there are many other possibilities! As in all sectors, in Marketing for lawyers, we must begin by knowing where we are going to find the right path.

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