Have a website for your law firm and active blog

The basis of a Legal Marketing strategy is the website. It is essential that the site of a law firm show a professional image and be well structured. This should be the case for two reasons. First of all, keep in mind that a web page always talks about ourselves. In this case, the website will function as a showcase for the brand image of the firm. The first impression must be good to attract the customer’s attention. Also, a well-organized website always improves the user experience by enabling the user to find all the information he needs in the least number of clicks. This improves customer satisfaction and reinforces the excellent image about you.

Equally important that the design of the web is to have an active blog with relevant content. Having a corporate blog will help us develop a good marketing strategy for our law firm. It is worth mentioning here one of the main errors when starting a blog in a law firm: only make publications about favorable judgments or talk about professional successes. This, together with the low frequency of publication, makes the blog not useful in its mission. Like this, we run the risk of falling into self-sacrifice. Talking about our successes is a good practice. However, we should never lose vision of the utility function for the user that should cover the blog.

In the blog should be discussed, therefore, on legal issues preferably in an informative tone. It is very common to publish posts or infographics that provide interesting data on various topics. Even illustrative videos that solve doubts and help the client. This type of actions make the client have a more professional vision of our office, which reinforces the brand image.

Search engine positioning or SEO

One of the main channels that we must take into account when developing a legal marketing strategy is search engine positioning or SEO positioning. We’ve talked before about organic positioning and even offered some basic SEO tips.

It is worth remembering that content marketing is essential in SEO today. Generating and optimizing content with SEO criteria is necessary. In this way, the content appears in the top positions of the search engines. And is that today the trend of users with legal advice needs is to use Google as the primary source of information regarding your requirement.

For this reason, the selection of content for our website or blog will not be arbitrary. You must respond to a careful analysis of previous keywords by following the content plan established in advance.

Use of social networks for lawyers

Undoubtedly, the power that social media has today to make brands visible. That a law firm is present in social networks is essential to strengthen its online presence. Although you should select with rigor in what social network are intended to perform marketing actions. Not all are suitable for a legal professional.

The use of social networks will focus primarily on making quality content to accompany the content marketing strategy carried on the blog. Or even act as a speaker to spread the contents of the blog itself. In this way, the material can reach a much wider audience. This improves the possibility of finding a potential client who wants to hire the services offered by the firm. It is worth mentioning that they can also be given other uses, such as sharing news related to our legal practices.

In principle, two social networks should be used to reach all audiences: LinkedIn and Facebook. Both with a different target audience. LinkedIn is an excellent option to get your content to a more professional sector that requires legal advice. So it is a more specific channel directed to companies. On the contrary, Facebook can be an alternative to reach a more generalized public. Perfect for offices specialized in everyday matters.

Digital Advertising vs. Traditional media in Legal Marketing

In the legal field, there is reluctance to advertise on the Net. It may seem that the firm does not have enough clients. But this is very far from reality. Advertising a law firm can help give visibility to the firm. Above all, if the advertising campaigns are coherent with a content marketing strategy.

Generally, the digital advertising that is created within the legal marketing plan is based on pay per click, known as SEM, and that is to publish ads in Google AdWords.

Other online advertising options are those offered by the social networks themselves ( Social Ads ) Social networks have a large amount of information about users. Advertisers can use this to know and analyze where potential customers are. Typically, ads on social networks are segmented based on socioeconomic, demographic or professional information. What allows to create a particular advertisement for a specific profile. If we know our ideal client, this type of advertising can be useful.

That said, we should not fall into the error of overlooking the still existing ‘digital divide.’ And is that yet many people are not in constant interaction with the digital world. Advertising in traditional media can help us reach these types of customers. Therefore, combining digital advertising and traditional advertising can be an excellent incentive to achieve the maximum number of potential clients for the law firm.

In the legal sector, the decision to hire a lawyer is highly related to the credibility and reputation of the lawyer. And launching a marketing plan can vary significantly support their recognition and visibility in the digital sphere, increasing their reliability and therefore their reputation. Also, in the next post, we tell you how to include Inbound Marketing to your legal marketing strategy.

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